Recursos humanos: Se hace querer

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Human Resources: It makes one love it

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photographic print

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height: 15cm
width: 10cm

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Photographic Installation

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Donated by Mónica Bengoa 1997

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Mónica Bengoa has described the interconnections explored through her works as those that are created by relationships between intimacy, distance, and classification. These three threads are evident in this arrangement of seventeen photographs. Intimacy makes itself clear in the proximity at which each photograph has been captured, so close that the photographic surface itself seems embodied. This is a privileged view typical of Bengoa's works from the 90s, a period in which she also documented folds and scars (often those found in the skin of her own body).

The title printed on each photograph switches this view to one that is distant: each freckle is positioned to correspond to the point at which, if the skin were a map, the city named would be found. When exhibited, the images are placed so as to collectively suggest a map of Latin America. Grouped, the photographs are also a carefully collected taxonomy of imperfections, marks on the skin that, like cartographic sites, draw you close. Aside from the formal relationships it puts into play, this work gives pause to consider how human knowledge and understanding are created by alternately proximate and distant views upon people and places: the amorous proximity of an intimately known body or land, and the cold view of scientific classification and modern mapmaking.
Isobel Whitelegg

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